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Who We Are

Northside Boxing Club is a registered 501c non-profit boxing gym located on 33rd and James Avenue in Minneapolis. The gym opened in March 2016 as a safe place to teach fundamentals about life, character, nutrition, education, and boxing. Northside Boxing Club is much more than a boxing gym. We are a family.

What We Do

Every weekday evening we offer boxing classes, on-site tutoring, and a nutritious meal from the following restaurants: Bar La Grassa, Burch Steakhouse, 112 Eatery, Barrio and Loaves and Fishes.


“We have a number of students participating in Northside programs after school. Many of our kids need more attention and opportunities for physical development which Northside can provide. They address the social and emotional well-being of each kid that translates to greater self-confidence and focus in the classroom.”

-Julie Guy, Executive Director, Sojourner Truth Charter School

“I have been taking my kids as well as kids from my school, where I am the dean, to Northside since they opened their doors. My youngest boy is now regional champ at 55 lbs and we are in the gym as a family 5 nights a week. We are part of the Northside fabric and family.”

-Morgan McDonald, Lucy Laney Grade School

“Northside has provided my boys an opportunity to spend 5 days a week in a safe place that teaches discipline and integrity. I have no family to help and it’s me and my 6 kids. Northside has helped us out so much in helping with two of my boys”

-Michelle Walker, Mother


Monday ­- Thursday: 4:00 ­- 5:30 & 6:00 -­ 7:00

Friday: Youth Open Boxing 4:00 ­- 7:00

The Youth Boxing Program is free to ages 9 ­- 21. Training varies and includes boxing drills, technique work running and strength conditioning. Each session ends with a healthy meal.

Please arrive at the gym 15 minutes early to complete a release form.


Northside Boxing would like to thank our partners. Without them, our program would not be possible.

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1704 N 33rd Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55412


Northside Boxing Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.